A Curl For A Curl

Howdy Folks! It’s good to be back in the writer’s chair. Before I get into today’s topic, let me just quickly state that I truly appreciate all the support that quite a few of you have given me over my installments of “What A Wonderful Word”. More installments will be coming and I am considering compiling the volumes toward a book but more on that later.

To bring you up to date on another aspect of my life, my wife and I joined a gym at the beginning of this year. My wife and I have weight loss goals which include preparation for our son’s wedding this coming October. The gym membership has had numerous benefits. It provides me with an opportunity to bond with my wife on another level. Of course, the chance to improve my health is a benefit in and of itself. One of the things that motivates me to go to the gym (aside from the number on the scale) is the fact that the gym is less than a five minute drive from my house. I have to drive, walk, or ride my bike past it almost daily. In other worse, I get to associate a building with the absence of the monthly fee money.

Of course, some of you know that I have been on the fitness wagon before. It’s definitely better to be on this wagon than off of it. The reason is that when I go off the wagon, I tend to weigh more than the wagon itself. Of course, this also means that I must (at least three times a week) face two words that make me cringe: fitness circuit.

The fitness circuit is a serious of exercise machines that help you to work muscle groups over the entire body. I have already learned that that are certain machines for which I absolutely have grown a strong dislike (and that is putting it mildly). These machines include the use of verbs such as press, curl, and crunch. It sounds more like a place where a contortionist would audition for a gig.

I can easily declare that if the machine has the word “curl” in it, I am NOT going to like the experience. I sit there doing these very unpleasant exercises and think about all of the times in my life the word “curl” has brought me to this place of penance known as the fitness circuit. Those cheesy snacks that I love so much have a very appealing curl. More than one fast food place serves those delectable fries that curl. Cinnamon rolls? Yup! Another mountain of curly frosted sin. All of those wonderful curly items have brought me to a machine that makes me pay for every consumed curl. It is like I have a Levitical relationship with the fitness circuit. Since I have enjoyed those wonderful curls so much, I must now be subject to them. I must repay a curl for a curl.

Of course, I will yield rewards for every curl, press, lunge, fly, row, and pull-down. I might even get a six pack (since I’ve consumed quite a few sodas over the years).