Motivation for Recreation

     I currently work in technical support. It’s a decent job that has provided me with learning opportunities and new experiences. Having said that, like any other hard working, red blooded, dyed in the wool Southern American man; I support the old adage that a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. I take no shame in admitting that I work for the weekend (insert three cowbell notes here).

    Most weekends, I prefer to do nothing (and I don’t get around to that until about noonish). This past weekend, however, provided a rather unique opportunity for me. My wife and younger daughter were visiting family in Florida. This left my younger son and me with a unique chance for some one-on-one time. I had already purchased tickets for the home opener of the local minor league baseball team – the Rochester Redwings. I got home on Friday evening and was looking forward to a movie night with my son at home. I happened to read a post from a friend online. She posted that she had just finished watching “Rocky” and was getting ready to watch “Saturday Night Fever”. I admit, a Knuckle Dragging Protagonist Double Feature sounds pretty cool. You could even go for the trifecta and add “Terminator” to that lineup. Caleb and I had other plans in mind for our movie night. We burly he-men decided to watch “Wall-E”. After all, it had robots and gadgets in it. That makes it a guy movie (am I right, guys?).

    Day two of the weekend was the aforementioned baseball game. I have spent the most part of 22 years living in the Rochester, New York area. You’d think I’d be used to the colder weather and enjoy the two weeks of summer that start around July 4th. You’d have thought incorrectly. There had been rain in the forecast and it had rained the previous day. It was 41° outside when we arrived at Frontier Field. Forgive me, but there is just something wrong about such weather at a baseball game. Sadly, I have no control over the weather. Given that the game went on without a hitch, I am not about to complain to the One who does.

    Caleb and I hooted and hollered throughout the game. We feverishly shook the complimentary cowbells we were provided. Given the temperature, the shaking came pretty easily. We ate like kings. Caleb took on a ½ pound burger with fires and a drink big enough to revive a dehydrated bull. When my 16 year old finished his meal, he loudly proclaimed: “I AM A MAN!” It’s hard to argue with someone who took on a meal like that. It was 36° by the time we left (That’s Fahrenheit folks. New York isn’t on the metric system). The Red Wings pulled a sweet double play in the top of the 9th that made it worth every bone chilling minute.

    Day three was spent watching the tube and catching up on some housework. After all, there is nothing wrong with living like men. The house just can’t look like it when the wife gets back. Caleb and I then watched a show that may change my view about reality shows (probably not). “Billy the Exterminator” is about a deep Southern exterminator who can get rid of just about anything. If it has more than two legs (or no legs), and crawls, flies, or swims; Billy’s your guy. Billy wears a lot of leather and spikes that look like he didn’t quite get the gig with Judas Priest. The reason for this was quite evident when he was bitten by one of the creatures he was catching. Billy was unharmed. He worked on a catch and release policy. He capture (and released) a 5 foot alligator. He captured (and released) an armadillo. Much to my relief, when he came to a house infested with roaches, he eradicated them. I would have freaked if he found a way to release those vile creatures into the wild. Actually, Billy only did one thing I found questionable. He caught (and released) a beaver. The thing is; he took the beaver to a petting zoo. Pardon my ignorance; it just seems that an animal that can take down large trees with its teeth hardly encourages petting by human hands. I wouldn’t even pet it with a stick. I’d have a pencil in less than 10 seconds.

    Alas, my weekend is coming to a close and my wife and daughter are due back in 3 days. My son is on a break from school through the coming week. I, on the other hand will be back at work. Still, I will work through the week until I can hear those three cowbell notes once again. Thank you, Loverboy for giving me the motivation to get to my recreation.



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